Scope of exhibits

The fair is a place to exchange knowledge, experience and views

The HUNT EXPO fair combines 3 sections: hunting, sport shooting, survival and forest. They are a place to exchange knowledge, experience and views.

The 3-day program include debates, workshops and shows.



  • kapelusz1.png
    Hunting area
    Section for those interested in firearms, ammunition and shooting articles. Section includes knives and historical collector's melee weapons, archery, hunting optics, hunting cynology, falconry, off-road vehicles, hunting clothing and accessories, hunting refrigerators, furniture and equipment in the hunting tradition, jewelery and hunting ornaments, electronic hunting books, hunting trophies, hunting organizations, hunting kitchen, hunting press and literature and other products and services for hunting.
  • tarcza1.png
    Sport shooting area
    For people practicing sports shooting, pneumatic shooting and interested in obtaining a license for sports firearms, as well as for those interested in shooting competitions. This section will include firearms, ammunition and shooting articles, shooting optics, shooting ranges, shooting organizations, shooting competitions, mobile shooting ranges, accessories, clothing and footwear for sport shooters.
  • hamak1.png
    Survival and forest area
    For those who want to be ready for any situation, we offer a section with camp and bushcraft equipment, knives & knifemaking, defense accessories, electronics and equipment useful in the forest and for survival, outdoor clothing and footwear, uniforms and paramilitary, Airsoft Gun, paintball and laser tag, services and events related to the forest and survival, scouting and obstacle racing. This section is also for people interested in protecting, maintaining and expanding forest resources, as well as managing forest animals.